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Private cars at Nellis AFB must now follow state emission standards

All federal employees at Nellis Air Force Base will have to certify that their cars meet the state's emission standards, beginning June 1.

The Air Force implemented a new program called employee vehicle certification and reporting system or ECARS. The 99th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Quality office will roll out the new requirement.

ECARS is designed to make sure all privately owned cars operated by federal employees on federal facilities follow the emission standards for the state's in which the facility is located.

Military Has Plans to Use the Sun to Power More Bases

Military Has Plans to Use the Sun to Power More Bases

Nellis Air Force Base is already moving forward with plans to use the sun to provide more power.

Airmen can expect to see more solar panels throughout their bases, in their neighborhoods and even on their rooftops. 

Read more in the Air Force Times.

Electric Daisy Carnival Lost and Found Offers Second Chances

Electric Daisy Carnival Lost and Found Offers Second Chances


If your wallet or phone disappeared among the masses at the Electric Daisy Carnival, all hope might not be lost.

This website features pictures of items lost at the three-day electronic music festival held last weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Should you spot an item of yours in the pictures, here are instructions for how to claim it:

Base Seeks Public Comments about Hospital Changes

Base Seeks Public Comments about Hospital Changes


The Air Force wants to hear the public’s thoughts on proposed changes to the O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center.

The public comment period for changes to the center is now open and will close February 10. Nellis Air Force Base wants comments on what impact the plans at the hospital will have on the environment.

The Air Force wants to renovate all three floors of the hospital building. The Department of Veterans Affairs moved out of the building leaving more space for the hospital. The center will be reorganized to make better use of the space that is now available. The Fisher House Foundation also plans to build a Fisher House near the front of the hospital to provide accommodations for patients and their families during lengthy hospital stays.

Nellis Releases Environmental Assessment of Property Plans


Nellis Air Force Bas released the final version of an Environmental Assessment of a plan to buy land near Indian Springs.

The base wants to buy resort property for protection purposes. Under the plan, the base would buy 16.9 acres of resort property and build a boundary fence along the perimeter of Creech Air Force Base. The assessment looks at nine environmental factors including land use and cultural impacts.

The assessment found the plans have no significant impact on the quality of life for the people or the natural environment in the area. To view the entire Environmental Assessment, go to nellis.af.mil/library/environment.asp.

Report: Air, Water Safe Around Nevada Test Site

Report: Air, Water Safe Around Nevada Test Site


The National Nuclear Security Administration says air and groundwater around the Nevada National Security Site tested as safe last year.

A report released Monday says no airborne radioactivity was detected off the test site in 2010. It also shows the public is not exposed to man-made radionuclides in groundwater.

Officials say that the radioactive isotope tritium that was detected outside the test site boundary at the Nevada Test and Training Range continues to stay at levels below the legal limit for safe drinking water. That finding was originally reported in 2009.

Air and groundwater monitoring is conducted by a contractor that manages the test site, and the citizen-run Community Environmental Monitoring Program that gets direction from the Desert Research Institute.

A network of 29 air sampling stations monitors radioactivity.

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New Metal Recycling Center Opens

New Metal Recycling Center Opens

SA Recycling, parent company of 1-800-GOT-SCRAP, recently announced the debut of a new metal recycling center at 2780 N. Nellis Boulevard.

A new service makes cash out of old appliances, steel drums, BBQ sets, dilapidated cars and other metal items. Those bringing in any old metal objects will receive cash right on the spot.

The company says the process is simple.  Gather all of the items you wish to discard and take them to the center where SA Recycling personnel will unload the items, weigh them and, for most items, pay cash on the spot. 

“You might have an old brass lamp, a refrigerator on the blink or malfunctioning tools laying around the garage just taking up space,” said Cristi Rossi, executive vice president of operations for SA Recycling. “Those items may be worthless to you, but not for us.”