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FAA Makes Flight Restrictions Deal with Tour Companies | Business

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FAA Makes Flight Restrictions Deal with Tour Companies
FAA Makes Flight Restrictions Deal with Tour Companies

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is going to restrict air space around Las Vegas from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon while President Barack Obama is in town.

An FAA statement issued Friday says eight local Grand Canyon sightseeing tour companies will be able to use nearby Jean Airport during that time. Jean is 25 miles south of the Strip. Several other area airports will be closed to general aviation. Commercial traffic at McCarran International Airport won’t be affected.

Two helicopter air tour companies also will be able to conduct night sightseeing tours out of McCarran.

The president plans a campaign event late Sunday at a Las Vegas high school. He’s scheduled to stay at the Westin Lake Las Vegas to hold debate practice sessions for two additional days before his scheduled debate against Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

According to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor, while the restrictions are in place, private pilots will be able to operate most of the time at McCarran, Henderson and Boulder City by following a few simple procedures.

They will have to be on flight plans, arriving at or departing from local airfields, in two-way communication with air traffic controllers and using transponders that broadcast information about their specific aircraft. There are certain areas where private pilots will not be able to operate while the restrictions are in place. Pilots should check all Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) to be fully informed about the restrictions.