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Technology and the development of vaccination passports |

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Technology and the development of vaccination passports

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The rapid development of vaccinations has been critical in helping millions of Americans return to a post-pandemic world. Now, all eyes are on the development of vaccination passports.

"A vaccine passport is essentially the same technology you use when you get on an airplane, and you download your boarding passes. It is just a QR code technology," explained Shibani Joshi, a business and tech expert. "There are over 13 different solutions or apps, so this is the technology problem that the brightest minds, like IBM, Microsoft, and even healthcare providers, like Mayo Clinic, are coming together on. We don't have a national database on who got vaccinated and who hasn't, so technology is going to have to fill the gaps of us providing that proof."

The concept of vaccination documentation is nothing new, Joshi says. Some countries, like Iceland, require proof of certain vaccinations for entry.

As of right now, if you are planning to go on any of the major cruise lines, you are going to have to be fully vaccinated and prove your status before you step on board.

And while vaccine passports are still in development, the goal is that they'll be secure, private and limited to confirmation, not your entire medical record. It will also be easily shareable with your healthcare providers, when needed.