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Couple calls for help after injured coyote found in SW valley backyard

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas couple got a startling surprise Friday, when the found an injured coyote stuck in their southwest valley backyard. 

"I came out to let my dog out and I noticed a big other dog," Steven Smith recalled. "And it was a coyote."

Steven and Mary Smith weren't sure what to do for the animal and got nowhere after making several calls. That's when they contacted 8 News Now for help. 

"We didn't know what to do," Mary Smith said. "I don't know anything about coyotes."

"I was like someone has to help us," she added. "Because this is crazy!"

8 News Now got ahold of several rescue organizations, which wrangled the animal and safely got him into a crate for a trip to the wildlife veterinarian. 

We then asked what others should do if they run into a similar situation as our city expands?... Read More

Skye Canyon welcomes Canyon Pet Hospital

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Canyon Pet Hospital in Skye Canyon opened its doors last week, becoming the latest business to join the booming northwest neighborhood.

"It's been really good," said Dr. Gill, owner of Canyon Pet Hospital. "Really good feedback, people are
calling us back, they love us and they're welcoming us in the community, and we love it, too."

The hospital is located in the same plaza as the Smith's Marketplace on Skye Canyon Drive, toward the western end, near the Skye Bar and Grill.

Appointments, walk-ins and emergency cases are welcome. They welcome not only cats and dogs, but any animals in need.

"We love all animals," Gill said. "We'll be here when you need us."

They do vaccinations, spaying and neutering and more complicated surgeries, as well, and have a board-certified surgeon on staff for such occasions... Read More

Technology and the development of vaccination passports

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The rapid development of vaccinations has been critical in helping millions of Americans return to a post-pandemic world. Now, all eyes are on the development of vaccination passports.

"A vaccine passport is essentially the same technology you use when you get on an airplane, and you download your boarding passes. It is just a QR code technology," explained Shibani Joshi, a business and tech expert. "There are over 13 different solutions or apps, so this is the technology problem that the brightest minds, like IBM, Microsoft, and even healthcare providers, like Mayo Clinic, are coming together on. We don't have a national database on who got vaccinated and who hasn't, so technology is going to have to fill the gaps of us providing that proof."

The concept of vaccination documentation is nothing new, Joshi says. Some countries, like Iceland, require proof of certain vaccinations for entry. ... Read More

The rise of esports: Why the next big thing isn't on the field, it's online

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For decades, video games have only grown in popularity. Throughout the past year, chances are you or someone you know has played games such as “Fortnite,” “Minecraft” or “League of Legends.”

As recreational gaming has taken off, so has the esports industry, where a select few play for highly trained teams and leagues, bringing in millions of viewers and even more money.

Some of those pro-teams are based right here in Las Vegas.

Kyle lander is team captain for “DarkZero Esports,” based in Las Vegas, with a team specializing in “Rainbow Six Siege” — a popular tactical shooter game.

"I used to strive to play games, and I was always competitive in sports, and that translated to gaming as well,” Lander said. "It's basically very dependent on strategy.”

Lander and his teammates train eight hours a day, six days a week... Read More

Huge Milestone: Las Vegas couple celebrates 75 years of wedded bliss

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A Las Vegas couple celebrated a huge milestone Friday. Janet and Melvin Swanson were married 75 years ago!

They have some secrets for you on paving the way to a long-lasting marriage.

The two locked eyes for the first time over seven decades ago.

75TH ANNIVERSARY: Janet and Melvin are celebrating their 75th anniversary today at the nursing home where Melvin now lives. They gave me some secrets to a long lasting marriage. Tune in tonight at 5 at @8NewsNow #8NN pic.twitter.com/z36YaA0spt... Read More

Guests sound off on new mask policies at Las Vegas Strip resorts

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Several Las Vegas Strip properties have adopted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new mask guidelines. While some guests welcome the change, others say they are keeping their masks on, for now.

"I always wear my mask inside," shared Lori Hartsock-Kane. "You don't know who is going to be vaccinated, so you just continue to do what is right for you."

Visitors on the famed stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard voiced their opinions, as properties from MGM Resorts and Caesars to The Cosmopolitan, Wynn and Venetian jumped on board with the updated guidance.

"It's like 50/50," said Tom Caron. "We mask up inside in crowded areas, but outside, we feel all right about it because we are vaccinated."

Diamond Berry told us, "You can't really tell who has been vaccinated or not. We were walking around without masks, and we're not vaccinated." ... Read More

Clearing the confusion: Why you should still keep that mask handy

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Mask or no mask? That is the question many people have when they head out in public.

The CDC is saying people who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear it, but businesses can still require it, if they choose.

There is some confusion over the new guidance, so the best piece of advice — keep it handy.

At the Kopper Keg, on Deer Springs and Durango, you don't need to wear it if you are vaccinated, but not all places are jumping on board with these changes.

“There are so many emotions because we have gotten used to it,” said Suzanne Van Buren, bartender at Kopper Keg. “We don't have to tell them, we can't say anything to them or ask anything about it so hopefully everyone abides by the honor system and that is as far as we can go.”

The CDC states if you have been vaccinated for at least two weeks you no longer need it.

Now it is up to businesses... Read More