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Candy Shop Cow Disappears, then Reappears in Unusual Spot | Weird

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Candy Shop Cow Disappears, then Reappears in Unusual Spot
Candy Shop Cow Disappears, then Reappears in Unusual Spot

A fixture of downtown Boulder City is now back, but has yet to be placed at its post in front of Grandma Daisy’s Candy & Ice Cream Parlor.

The fiberglass cow that has stood in front of the treat shop at its current location on Nevada Highway and at its former location disappeared sometime after closing Sunday night.

Beth Walker, the owner of the shop, came to work Monday to find the 4-foot tall cow gone. Walker admits she didn’t notice the cow had disappeared at first, so It wasn’t until an employee asked her about the statue that she realized it was missing. After looking for the cow, the team at Grandma Daisy’s decided it had been stolen.

Its whereabouts remained a mystery until Tuesday night. A woman working at Nellis Air Force Base walked out of the mess hall late Tuesday afternoon, and to her surprise, noticed a fiberglass cow near a trash bin. When she heard about the missing Boulder City cow, she went back to the base to get it.

A volunteer with the Boulder City Police retrieved the cow and brought it back. Beth Walker says the cow is in good condition and that the only damage is a little crack along its neck, which she does not believe was there before the cow-napping.

Walker now has a task ahead of her. She doesn’t want the cow to disappear again and is now thinking of ways to secure it to the sidewalk. She is also considering attaching the wayward bovine to a fiberglass ice cream cone that is also outside of the shop, but it is on a very heavy iron stand. If someone wanted to take the cow again, the thief would have to get away with both items.

At this point, there are no suspects. Walker doubts the culprits will ever be found and is just happy her cow is back.