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Memorial Grows for Fallen Officer, Surviving Officer Named

Metro says Officer David W. Nesheiwat is the surviving officer from Wednesday's fatal accident involving a police cruiser. Police say Officer Nesheiwat is expected to make a full recovery.

Mourners are leaving messages and flowers at the scene of a crash that claimed Nesheiwat's parter's life.

Officer Milburn Beitel died after the Wednesday night accident at Washington and Nellis. The 30-year-old police officer had been with the force for six years and had attented Silverado High School when he was a teen.

Some of those visiting the site of the crash knew Beitel but people who don't know him have also paid their respects.

"My heart goes out to his family. It's not easy losing a loved one; it doesn't get better.

Fallen Metro Officer Being Remembered as Wonderful Man

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- A Las Vegas police officer is dead and his partner is in critical condition following an accident Wednesday night.

Officer Milburn "Millie" Beitel III died Thursday morning after undergoing emergency surgery at University Medical Center. The 30-year-old officer had been on the force for six years. He attended Silverado High School and went on to the Marines before joining Metro.

"He was such a nice, nice young man," said Madeline Adler, Beitel's neighbor.

Beitel's parents, who live out of state, made their way to Las Vegas after getting the devastating news. Beitel also has a younger brother, who is a Marine and believed to be serving overseas.

"He was just an awesome person, always out and about doing the right thing," said Byran McWhorter, Beitel's childhood friend.

Metro Officer Dead After Rollover Accident

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- One Metro police officer is dead and another is seriously injured after a rollover accident Wednesday night at Nellis and Washington.

This morning, Metro announced that 30-year-old Officer Milburn "Millie" Beitel died following surgery at University Medical Center. The other officer who has not been identified is in serious but stable condition.

"Driving is one of the most dangerous part of what we do as police officers," said Sheriff Doug Gillespie in a news conference Thursday morning.

SLIDESHOW: Images from the accident scene and hospital.

The two men were riding in the same police cruiser when the accident happened. Fellow officers rushed to close down intersections and escort ambulances carrying the injured men to UMC.

Body Found Near Sunrise Mountain

Metro confirms that a body has been discovered near Sunrise Mountain. A person walking in the area found the body and called police.

Officers had to use a helicopter to get to the scene. Search and rescue officers were able to get the body down to a coroner's van.

Police have not been able to determine the cause of death.

Mother Accuses Metro of Murdering her Son

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- Fifteen-year-old Tanner Chamberlain was a junior at Chaparral High School. He was an honor student and took part in poetry and drama clubs. But his mother says her son suffered from bi-polar disorder and was having an episode during Tuesday's confrontation with police.

Pictures of Tanner are all Evie Oquendo has to remember her son. He loved theatre and politics, but Oquendo says her son struggled with bi-polar disorder. "He refused to take medication because he didn't want it to alter his creativity because he was into poetry and writing," she said.

She says her son had an episode on Tuesday afternoon after she refused to let him go out with a friend. Chamberlain became physically violent. "He was choking me, punched me in the face and did pull my hair.

Police Officer Shoots Teen in Northeast Las Vegas

The student killed by a Metro Police officer has been identified as 16-year-old Tanner Chamberlain. The victim went to Chaparral High School.

The Las Vegas teen was shot just after 5 p.m. at the Sunridge Apartments near Nellis and Vegas Valley.

Police arrived at the scene when he allegedly threatened a woman, holding a knife to her throat. Witnesses say the woman was the teen's mother.

Several neighbors say the family had only been living at the apartment complex for a few weeks and family friends say the teenager does suffer from a medical condition. Some believe that may be the reason for his actions just before he was shot and killed.

Friends of the family reacted in disbelief to the shooting. "I'm having a problem wrapping my whole head around this whole thing," said family friend Rhonda Orton.

Neighbors living at the apartments say they heard the commotion just before the shooting.

New U.S. Citizens Swear in at Nellis AFB

The United States has 73 new citizens from Las Vegas after a swearing in ceremony Thursday at Nellis Air Force Base.

The ceremony commemorates Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, which recognizes the contributions of  naturalized citizens and the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

The new Americans are from 38 countries and some have either served or are currently serving in the U.S. military.