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State Warns of Census Scams

LAS VEGAS -- State officials are warning Nevadans to be on the look out for scams involving the 2010 Census.

Secretary of State Ross Miller and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto issued a consumer advisory Wednesday morning.

They say the scams include official looking requests for personal financial information and they may come in the form of a direct mail, email or even someone visiting your home.

"Nevadans must know that the U.S. Census Bureau is seeking only demographic information and would not ask for personal information like social security, bank account of credit card numbers," Masto said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the census forms will be mailed out to people starting in early March. Workers will begin knocking on the doors of single family households around May 1, 2010 if they didn't get the form mailed back to them.


Salvation Army Sees Drop in Donations

LAS VEGAS --  The Salvation Army of Southern Nevada relies on the proceeds from its seven thrift stores to fund many of the programs and services it provides to members of the community. But right now, thrift shop donations are down significantly because of the economy.

One look at these sparse clothing racks and the problem is easy to see.

"When the economy is bad like this, people cannot go out and buy that new couch, so we don't get the old one," said Charles Desideiro, Salvation Army of So. Nevada.

The Salvation Army says donations to their thrift shops around the valley are down by 35 to 40 percent.

"All the merchandise that does come in is rushed right off to the stores so our trucks are making extra trips which also means more gas and more labor hours,"said Desideiro.

Combat Exercises Begin at Nellis Air Force Base

NELLIS AFB -- The military says Nellis Air Force Base will host extra activity in coming days with combat training exercises being conducted over the Nevada desert.

Red Flag exercises are scheduled to begin Monday and run through Feb. 5. Base officials say more than 50 aircraft of all types will depart the Las Vegas-area air base twice a day -- in the mid-afternoon and again later in the evening.

Training is being conducted over the 15,000-square-mile Nevada Test and Training Range north of Las Vegas. Units taking part will be from 11 other states, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Red Flag exercises are held periodically as part of advanced training administered by the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center and Nellis, through the 414th Combat Training Squadron.

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Nellis Hosts Funeral for Vietnam Combat Pilot

Nellis AFB -- An Air Force Thunderbird pilot missing in action for more than 40 years in has finally been found and brought back to Nellis Air Force Base.

Forty-three years ago, Major Russell Goodman was shot down over North Vietnam. Witnesses who saw his fighter jet explode told his family he was lost, but Thursday they have closure knowing their father is back home.

"Dad deserved this honor. He deserved today and I am just glad that we were able to give it to him," said Goodman's daughter Sue Stein. "He is a hero and I am just glad that he is home and I am also very happy they he is with mom."

Goodman's wife passed away just six days before the family was told his remains had been found.

His daughters, who were just 9 and 10 when they lost their father, say he has always been a hero in their eyes and it feels good to know he is back home and being honed as a hero by his fellow Thunderbirds.

Nellis AFB Flying Exercise Missions to California

LAS VEGAS -- Nellis Air Force Base officials say there will be increased military aircraft activity through the end of the month in southern Nevada and Southern California.

The Air Force is taking part in exercises called Green Flag-West, beginning Monday. Units from the United Kingdom and Canada will join the 549th Combat Training Squadron at Nellis and the 12th Combat Training Squadron at Fort Irwin, Calif., supporting Canadian Task Force 1-10 and ground units from across the country.

Officials say the exercise aims to replicate conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps members. Flight paths between Nellis and the National Training Center at Fort Irwin will cross near Mount Charleston and north of Pahrump to the Mojave Desert in California's Inyo and San Bernardino counties.

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Coroner Identifies Burned Remains Found in Car

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Coroner's office has identified the burned human remains found in a car as 31-year-old Antonio Garcia Jr.

The remains were discovered on Dec. 21 by police and firefighters after a fire was put out in a car parked off of Lamb Blvd. and Cheyenne. The body was in the trunk of the car.

According to the coroner, Garcia died of a gunshot wound to the head. His city and state of residence is unknown.

Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB This Weekend

NELLIS AFB, Nv -- Afterburners will be blasting over Las Vegas this weekend as one of the biggest air shows in the nation takes place Saturday morning at Nellis.

Aviation Nation not only brings in thousands of visitors to town, it also pumps in millions of dollars to the economy. It is ranked among the top 10 air shows in the nation.

“We've always loved planes and we enjoy it. And my son is addicted to it,” said Carrisa.

Two-year-old Aiden looks at the jets in awe. “He has to run out of the house every time he hears a plane,” said his mom Carrisa.

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