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Students Speak Up About Bullying

LAS VEGAS -- More and more stories are coming to light about bullying taking place in school and online. In some cases, the attacks are so damaging, it can lead to violence, or even suicide.

Unfortunately students say bullying often goes on for a while. And those who have been bullied want others to be aware of the damages it can do. Twelve-year-old Searinna Olivas was picked on for about a week before she spoke up.

"I see it more often because no one is telling nobody," said Searinna Olivas, a victim of being bullied. The bullying stopped for her but other students are forced to take more drastic measures.

"It makes you really sad and makes you feel like what people say about you is true," said Kelly Walker, a victim of being bullied.

Fifteen-year-old Kelly Walker is in 9th grade and was also tormented by classmates. Things got so bad she had to transfer to a different school.

Las Vegas Chamber Releases First in Education Report Series

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has released their First in Education Report Series.

The study on K-12 student achievement testing reveals that Nevada continues to rank well below national averages on standardized student proficiency exams administered to elementary school, middle school, and college-bond high-school students.

The report also notes that often cited national tests are given to only a select number of students in each state and in fact "no comprehensive, national comparison of the proficiency of all students has ever been undertaken, let alone published.

RTC Changes Will Help NW Commuters

LAS VEGAS -- The Regional Transportation Commission implemented a major service change over weekend with the introduction of two new bus services.

The RTC's ACExpress C line debuted. It will provide an express transit route that will begin at the new Centennial Hills Transit Center and Park & Ride facility at U.S. 95 and Durango. The line will provide an express connection to Downtown Las Vegas, utilizing the carpool lanes along U.S. 95. The ACExpress will then make stops on the Las Vegas Strip at Spring Mountain Road and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The other major service changes involves the ACE Gold line which will provide a rapid transit connection between Downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip and the RTC's South Strip Transfer Terminal. It will  compliment the Deuce on the Strip route.

Nevada College Aid Fund Nearly Broke

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A fund intended to pay for the college education of Nevada children whose parents died while serving as police officers or firefighters is nearly broke. The Trust Fund for the Education of Dependent Children has less than $4,000 in it. State officials say it will probably drop to $3,000 by the end of the semester.

The fund has paid for the college education of 18 students since its inception in 1995. Six students are currently using it at universities and community colleges across the state. Education leaders say they plan to vote next month on whether to ask a legislative committee for an influx of cash to keep the fund going until the full Legislature can replenish it next year.






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CCSD School Board Rejects Converting all Year-Round Schools

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County School Board has rejected a money saving proposal to switch all of its year-round elementary schools to a nine-month calendar. Instead, they will only convert 21 of the 76 year-round schools to the nine-month schedule. 

Even though converting all of the schools would have saved millions and it was a well-supported idea among respondent who took a district survey, many school employees objected.  

The district's Chief Financial Officer Jeff Weiler said converting all of the year-round schools would save the district $18 million and mean fewer layoffs as the district attempts to meet a $125 million budget shortfall.

The board ended up agreeing with unions representing bus drivers and food service workers.

School Board Votes To Reject Money Saving Proposal

The Clark County School board votes to reject money saving proposal to accelerate plan to turn year round schools to 9 month schools. They will stick to only converting 21 of 76 schools to 9 month campuses.

CCSD CFO Jeff Wyler says accelerating that plan would save $8 million.

But teacher and support staff unions objected, saying it would leave their members effectively unpaid for 3 months out of the year.

Questions on Race over the Census

LAS VEGAS -- Most residents have received the 2010 census forms in the mail. There are 10 questions that should take about 10 minutes to fill out. But it's one question that's leaving some questioning how to answer it.

Question 9 is about race. It asks which race the primary owner or renter of the residence is. The challenge, those in the Hispanic community say, is there is no box for them to check because they can't identify with any of the races on the form.

"As I have traveled the state, I have seen and heard my fair share of questions about question number 9 and about our race and ethnicity questions," said David Byerman with the census. "We encourage people if they look at that questionnaire and they feel like their race is not listed on that questionnaire, that's what that empty box is for."

Hispanic advocate Miguel Barrientos says he has the answer for this mix up.