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Parents Struggle with Back to School in Bad Economy

LAS VEGAS -- The start of a new school year means it is time for new school supplies. But the simplest items like a pencil, ruler, and backpack add up. Some families simply can't afford what their kids need at the start of another school year.

There are several places parents can go to make sure their kids are ready for the first day of school.

Soon to be sophomore, Kaylene Konold says she woke up her brothers and sister when she heard free school supplies would be handed out at Sonios Cafe.

"We are in the need. We've been going to food banks and getting food and school supplies because you need those type of things because you make the grades without the stuff," she said.

From the paper, to pencils, and folders, she says what may seem like a little to some, means a lot for others. Her family wasn't the only ones waiting in line for the free supplies.

Judge Says Sex Club Ordinance is Unconstitutional

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County's sex club ordinance has been found unconstitutional. Judge Kathleen Delaney said the ordinance banning sex clubs is unconstitutional and violates due process. That means the sex clubs in Las Vegas appear to be safe to operate in the open.

Many clubs had issued legal challenges in the past, saying the ordinance uses broad language that many officers don't know how to enforce. The clubs instead had to engage in a shadowy world of licensing themselves as tattoo parlors or tanning salons, hiding what the main draw was all along: entrance fees for people to have consensual sex with like-minded adults.

In the ruling, Delaney wrote that "vagueness so permeates the 'sex club' definition that it does not provide adequate notice to a person of ordinary intelligence what conduct is, in fact, prohibited."

Woman Surprised at Mortars Found in Her Shed

LAS VEGAS -- Steps away from her home, Zina Wickliffe thought she knew what was in her shed. It was where her ex-husband, a former United States Marine, did his electrical work.

While cleaning Sunday, she came across two military mortars stashed in a milk crates.

"If it was something that was going to be a danger to myself or any of my neighbors, I wanted to get rid of it," she said.

Wickliffe called for help. Fire officials say she did the right thing. She had no idea they were even there. It turns out they were two military mortars commonly used in practice missions to light up an area the size of a football field.

"You really can't tell from the outside whether its a dangerous item or if it's just a souvenir," said Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Authorities arrived on scene and safely disposed the devices.

Injured Man Rescued from Tunnel

LAS VEGAS --  A man was rushed to the hospital after a construction accident Friday morning left him seriously injured.

The rescue took place at Nellis and Carey. The man was working with underground pipes when the system he was using failed and hit him in the back. Rescuers had to go down into a 20-foot hole and go 20 feet inside a tunnel to pull the man to safety.

Dozens of firefighters and paramedics were called to the scene. The injured man was airlifted to UMC with critical injuries to his chest.

Green Flag Exercises Prepare Military for Real-Life Experiences

NELLIS AFB -- Before they deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, servicemen endure the tough Green Flag training at Nellis Air Force Base, the premier place for it in the world.

A KC-135 Stratotanker, an aerial refueling plane, is the go-to-craft in Nellis Air Force Base's Green Flag training.

"Air power is a great force multiplier, if they don't know how to correctly employ that it could cost lives down range," said Maj. Terrence Adams, ground liaison officer.

The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army are important pieces of the puzzle in this realistic warfare training. It involves as many as 8,000 people in the air and on the ground, simulating any scenario they might face overseas. 

Teen Motorcyclist Killed in Hit and Run Accident

LAS VEGAS -- A 19-year-old teenager was killed Saturday afternoon in a hit and run accident in Northeast Las Vegas. 

According to Metro around 2:45pm Saturday afternoon they responded to a vehicle accident on Lamb just north of Washington. Upon arriving they found a downed motorcyclist who had been struck by a vehicle which had fled the scene.

The teen motorcyclist was transported to UMC where he was pronounced dead.

After speaking to witnesses on scene Metro was able to determine that the driver of a tan SUV was exiting the shopping center on Lamb and failed to yield to the motorcyclist who was traveling southbound on Lamb. The teen motorcyclist tried to swerve his bike to avoid the SUV but ended up striking the back side of it sending the teen crashing to the pavement. The driver of the SUV then fled the scene immediately.

Unemployed Turning to New Careers on the Road

LAS VEGAS -- While most industries are slashing jobs, the trucking industry is adding them -- as many as 400,000 new drivers before 2012.

After five weeks at training schools like Southwest Truck Driver Training, students will be ready to hit the roads with their Commercial Drivers Licenses, earning $40,000 or more in their first year alone.

"Truck driving is a good career right now. It's a good choice and it's great option for people who want to start something new," said Mellody Guajardo with Southwest Truck Driving School. "Somewhere in the United States, something has to be delivered somewhere and there's going to be an increase for work."

Officials at Southwest say they have seen an increase in the number of people switching careers and giving truck driving a chance.