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Air Force Academy on al-Qaida list of targets

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- An English-language al-Qaida publication that promotes "lone-wolf" terrorist attacks includes the Air Force Academy in Colorado on a list of possible terrorism targets.

The Gazette reported on Friday that the list in the online magazine al-Malahem also includes casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas, Times Square and Britain's Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as "tourist resorts where Israelis, Britons or Americans stay."

Academy officials say they're aware that the school is mentioned in the magazine and remain vigilant and aware of existing and emerging threats.

Money raised for airman to replace car washed away in floods

LAS VEGAS -- A few weeks ago, a group of airmen made a daring rescue in flood waters. As a result,  the vehicle belonging to one of the airmen was destroyed by the floodwaters.

Airman Tyler Webb has just replaced his totaled car.

"It's an 06 Honda Accord, I got it because it was a good price and less than 60,000 which is pretty good for an 06," Webb said.

His former car was sent down U.S. 95 when it became a river a few weeks ago during major flooding. Although, Webb has replaced his car, there is something that was special about his previous ride.

"My grandmother was sick and she died on Thanksgiving and less than 24 hours later my grandfather died, and they left me the car,"

Webb's car was trapped in the median as he tried to make his way around the floodwaters while coming home from Creech Air Force Base.

Airmen honored for U.S. 95 flash flood rescue

LAS VEGAS-- A dramatic rescue of a couple trapped by flood waters was caught on tape and now the seven airmen from Nellis and Creech air force bases, who went above and beyond the call of duty, are being recognized for the bravery.

A few weeks ago, along U.S. 95, traffic heading into Las Vegas was stopped in its tracks as flood waters rolled down from Mt. Charleston. Some drivers tried to cross the median to get over to the dry side, but that is where one couple became trapped.

Cell phone video captured the airmen wading into rushing water. As they worked to free a woman trapped inside a car, the current picked up a Toyota Prius and sent it towards them.

“Looking back at the video it puts things in perspective, but I think given the same circumstances I would've done it again,” Tech Sgt. Adam Dixon with the 820th Red Horse Squadron said.

New commander has plans for Nellis AFB's future

LAS VEGAS -- A new commander has taken the reigns of one of the most important military installations in the country.

Colonel Richard Boutwell spent his first month settling into his new position at Nellis Air Force Base. Col. Boutwell says he has wasted no time in taking a hard look at areas where Nellis can improve.

One of the biggest challenges he faces is the smallest department of defense budget since before World War II.

Fighter pilots fly in formation. Col. Boutwell knows from experience the teamwork gives them strength.

“It's funny when you are doing the combat patrols it can be boring and monotonous, followed by a few seconds of panic,” Boutwell said.

In 1994, Iraqi MiG's tried to shoot down a U.S. spy plane. Boutwell and another pilot rushed to defend. A team of two F-15's has never been defeated in battle. The enemy made a hasty getaway.

New ID-check system for military installations

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Military installations have a new system for checking the credentials of people trying to gain access.

Department of Defense spokeswoman Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson said in a statement that the system, called the Identity Matching Engine for Security and Analysis, became functional Friday.

The system matches people affiliated with the Department of Defense against an FBI database for active arrest warrants. It also alerts if a person is using a lost or stolen credential or one that is no longer valid.

Moving quickly to implement the system was one of four key recommendations made by the Secretary of Defense following last year's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The shooter had a valid credential to gain entry.

Henderson says she couldn't say how many installations are using the system.

Military strikes in Iraq among US options being considered

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House is considering direct military strikes in Iraq, to help stop the advances of an Islamic militant group. That's according to U.S. defense officials and others who are familiar with what's being considered.

They say the options also include humanitarian relief tor thousands of displaced religious minorities in the country's north.

President Barack Obama huddled with his national security team this morning to discuss the crisis, as the Islamic State group made further gains.

Airstrikes in particular would mark a significant shift in the U.S. strategy in Iraq, where the military fully withdrew in 2011 after nearly a decade of war.

Officials say Obama could announce a decision as early as today.

In recent days, the Islamic State militants have swept through villages in the north that are home to religious minorities including Christians and the Yazidis, who follow an ancient religion.

UPDATE: Photo released of suspect shot by officers

LAS VEGAS-- The suspect shot by Metro Police in the Northeast valley Sunday is facing numerous charges. Police released his photo Tuesday. 

Police say DeAnthony Brown, 24, pulled a handgun on them during a vehicle chase. The chase began shortly before 10 a.m. when police were called to the 4800 block of Cleopatra near East Gowan and North Nellis for reports of a man being shot.