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Airman Honored for Saving Lives

Airman Honored for Saving Lives

A Nellis Air Force Base airman was honored for saving the lives of 54 high school students and teachers just before a bus explosion in December 2012.

Major Shaine Thrower was awarded the Airman's Medal last month. It is given to airmen whose heroic actions save lives outside actual combat.

Maj. Thrower was on his way to pick up his daughter from a school trip through West Career and Technical Academy nearly two years ago when he noticed smoke and fire was coming from the bus. He ran in front of it to warn the driver.

When everyone was evacuated, the bus's wheel well exploded. Pieces of shrapnel hit Maj. Thrower, breaking his leg.

Thrower said his years of Air Force training allowed him to act quickly.

Senate Set to Vote on Military Sexual Assault Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate is heading for a showdown over legislation to curb sexual assaults in the military by stripping senior commanders of their authority to prosecute rapes and other serious offenses.

A highly anticipated vote sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a New York Democrat, could come as early as Thursday.

The Pentagon's top brass firmly opposes the measure, arguing officers should have more responsibility, not less, for the conduct of troops they lead. Gillibrand has won the support of 54 of her Senate colleagues.

The backing illustrates the deep frustration among Republicans and Democrats over the military's failure to stem the epidemic of sexual assaults in the ranks.

Gillibrand, however, will likely need 60 votes to clear a procedural hurdle that could prevent the Senate from even voting on her bill.



Airmen from Around the World Training at Nellis Air Force Base

LAS VEGAS -- One of the largest training exercises on the planet is taking place now at Nellis Air Force Base.

Red Flag exercises brings in equipment and personnel from all over our country and from our allies. Organizers say the training is essential to being able to work together.

Pilots compete against each other in realistic dog fights and attacks. Red Flag is a combat training exercise born out of the Cold War.

Some pilots are labeled "bad guys" and they still wear a hammer and sickle, symbols of the old Soviet Union.

Lieutenant Colonel Jordan Grant, deputy commander 414th Training, says the current standoff between Russia and Ukraine is a reminder that in an unpredictable world airmen can always be called to action.

"Regardless of anything going on in the world, that is always going on in the back of our mind," Lt. Col. Grant said.

Rain Drenches Las Vegas Valley

LAS VEGAS  -- The 85-day dry spell for Las Vegas ended with rain showers Friday. Around two-tenths of an inch of measurable rain was reported at McCarran International Airport.

Rain showers from a wet Pacific storm headed to the valley from California which was hammered by bad weather Friday. There have been some reports of lightning in Pahrump. Some valley neighborhoods could get from .25 to .75 inches of rain.

Lower parts of the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston got more than an inch of rain, and at least a foot of snow is reported at higher elevations. A flood watch is in effect for the Spring Mountains from until 10 p.m. Thursday. The areas of concern are the Carpenter 1 burn areas which include Lovell, Trout, Rainbow and Harris Canyons. Rain could be heavy and cause mud/debris flows in those areas. There is also a wind advisory in effect for Clark County until 8 p.m.

One Wounded Warrior Challenges Herself, Finds a New Purpose

LAS VEGAS -- About 50 wounded warriors were introduced to paralympic sport competition at Nellis Air Force Base Tuesday, and for at least one of them, it was a life changer.

Even with a debilitating injury, Staff Sgt. Melissa Guzman is an impressive athlete.

A security forces hand-to-hand combat training exercise severely damaged arteries, veins and nerves throughout her upper body.

"I don't have feeling in these three fingers, the whole backs of my arm, my chest, my back, the back of my neck," Guzman explained.

However, this day is different.

"I feel alive today," she said.

Guzman's easy smiles on the volleyball court are especially bright, considering how dark the past six years have been.

"I would lay in my bath tub and cry with the hot water on me," Guzman said.

Guzman's injury forced her into retirement. The Air Force was her life. She fell into depression.

CCSD Names 3 Turnaround Schools

LAS VEGAS -- Three under-performing Clark County School District schools will now be part of the district's Turnaround Program next school year.

Manch Elementary, Mountain View Elementary and Bailey Middle School will get extra resources over the next three years.

The schools are given a flexible budget, allowing the individual schools the ability to hire the number of teachers and support staff that works for them, the school district's academic manager for turnaround zones said.

The principals and their administrations, with the exception of Manch, will be re-assigned within the district. No one loses their jobs in the process.

Nine schools were considered but only three were selected after undergoing an intense evaluation process. District administrators are confident they can fix the issues at these school.

Thunderbirds Released 2014 Show Schedule

Thunderbirds Released 2014 Show Schedule

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds team have already started this year's performance schedule, first with a flyover at the Tournament of Roses Parade Jan. 1 in Pasadena and then this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway for the Daytona 500.

Next month, the team will be part of the NASCAR week in Las Vegas with a flyover planned for Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 9.

The Thunderbirds first air show is planned for Luke Air Force Base in Arizona March 15 and 16. The team is slated to perform 66 demonstrations at 34 locations for the 2014 schedule.

For a complete list of the Thunderbirds show schedule, go to afthunderbirds.com.