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Money raised for airman to replace car washed away in floods | News

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Money raised for airman to replace car washed away in floods

LAS VEGAS -- A few weeks ago, a group of airmen made a daring rescue in flood waters. As a result,  the vehicle belonging to one of the airmen was destroyed by the floodwaters.

Airman Tyler Webb has just replaced his totaled car.

"It's an 06 Honda Accord, I got it because it was a good price and less than 60,000 which is pretty good for an 06," Webb said.

His former car was sent down U.S. 95 when it became a river a few weeks ago during major flooding. Although, Webb has replaced his car, there is something that was special about his previous ride.

"My grandmother was sick and she died on Thanksgiving and less than 24 hours later my grandfather died, and they left me the car,"

Webb's car was trapped in the median as he tried to make his way around the floodwaters while coming home from Creech Air Force Base. He ended up ditching his car when he saw saw others who needed help.

He joined other airmen struggling to save an 81-year-old woman trapped in her car which was submerged in floodwaters.

"I just couldn't do it. I had my knees on the seat but I couldn't reach my feet over the console," said Mary DeDauw.

Webb and the other airmen saved her life, but Webb's car was a total loss.

His parents posted the rescue video online with a link to a fundraiser on GofundMe.com and the donations poured in as well as praise and thanks for his service.

"It's really nice to see people supporting that, on top of helping someone in need, its really nice," Webb said.

The donations were enough to pay for Webb's used car, but that's not why it's special.

Webb says the support from the community makes him feel he's gotten back some of what he lost.

"The new car has a whole new meaning to it," Webb said.


Airman Tyler Webb