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Shutdown Leaving Nellis Families Without Paychecks | News

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Shutdown Leaving Nellis Families Without Paychecks

LAS VEGAS -- More than 1,000 people are back to work at Nellis Air Force Base, after being furloughed in the government shutdown.

They are not active-duty military, and they won't see a paycheck until the government is back up and running.

According to the workers, they have been told their next paycheck will include all the hours worked during the shutdown, but they don't know when that paycheck will come.

For Peggy Nichols, the budget battle in Washington, D.C. is impacting her budget at home.

She is married to a full-time reservist, which means Monday through Friday, he is considered a civilian employee. One weekend a month, and two weeks a year, he is military.

Even though he is a helicopter pilot for combat search and rescue, he was one of the employees deemed non-essential and furloughed last Tuesday. He missed four days of work before being called back.

The Nichols family just recently received half a paycheck for work done before the shutdown.

Now, they are trying to budget without knowing when the next check will come.

"Stretch groceries, really digging into the pantry and getting creative with meals to try to stretch that grocery budget," Nichols said. "We're in this situation and we have absolutely no control over it. We've been placed in the center of a grudge match essentially."

It is not all about money for Nichols. She worries about Nellis squadrons hung up overseas. She says some of her friends are waiting for husbands to come home, but the shutdown has slowed down their transport.

"The outgoing crews have been moved out of their housing into their tents with nothing to do but wait for their ride home," Nichols said.

The Air Force denies the shutdown has caused any delays with the transport of either military or civilians deployed overseas, sending 8 News NOW this statement:

"Travel to and from the U.S. central command area of responsibility falls within the "excepted" travel category. That means the government shutdown has not affected our airmen who are returning from deployment in Southwest and Central Asia."