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Unlicensed Surgery More Common | Crime

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Unlicensed Surgery More Common

LAS VEGAS -- Plastic surgeons are not surprised a woman died after allegedly seeking services from an unlicensed surgeon. They say cosmetic procedures are happening all the time throughout the city by people who are not licensed.

People think licensed plastic surgeons are more expensive and choose to go the cheap route. In the end, it's plastic surgeons who end up fixing the problem. Or in this recent case, it leads to death.

Walking through the office of Dr. Jeffrey Roth, you feel a clean environment. It doesn't compare to what was found at 3310 east Charleston Boulevard, where Elena Caro allegedly underwent surgery before she died. Old empty syringe boxes were found, and no clear label on the door as to what type of procedures happen there.

"If you are walking into a place and the numbers on the address are falling off the building, that's probably not the place to go ahead and have your procedure," said Dr. Roth.

Dr. Roth has been a physician for close to 20 years and a plastic surgeon for 11.

"The patient is the boss. If something doesn't smell right or look right, or something is funny, get up and leave. It's ok to get up and leave," he said.

Dr. Roth says this weekend's tragedy is an example of a growing problem.

"We've been seeing more and more of these types of things -- people that want to have a nice bottom but go to these people," he said. "More often than not, these people will take not medical grade silicon but industrial grade and inject it into people."

The owner of the beauty salon next to the medical clinic knows the Colombian doctor and says these types of procedures happen all the time.

"A lot of times. I know some of my clients tell me they go to certain places for their lips, their eyes. It's scary," said the owner, who did not want to be identified.

Dr. Roth encourages patients to look for credentials and call the state Medical Board for questions.

Police say this isn't an isolated incident of somebody going to an unlicensed medical facility. Dr. Roth has heard of procedures taking place at airport hotels, converted garages, and the back room of businesses like the tile shop where this one happened.