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State Rests in Child Abuse Case | Crime

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State Rests in Child Abuse Case

LAS VEGAS -- The State of Nevada has rested its case against Stanley and Colleen Rimer. They are the couple accused of second degree murder in connection with the death of their 4-year-old son, Jason.

Defense attorneys have not said whether Colleen or Stanley Rimer will take the stand in their own defense. For now, doctors and nurses, as well as close family friends, are expected to be called on the defense's behalf.

Before the state rested, they called Nicole Atwell, a former employee with Nevada Early Intervention Services. After Jason was born, Atwell would go to the Rimer home to make sure Colleen Rimer knew how to properly care for him and his special needs.

As a baby, Jason was not allowed to take in liquids orally. He was fed through a g-tube that was hooked into the abdomen wall.

Atwell testified the g-tube site was extremely dirty and unhealthy. She also said the baby's fingernails were black and the home was so dirty she took her own blanket and wore a special pair of jeans.

"I had a blanket that I would bring in and it was my play sheet and that's what I would put down on the floor to interact with Jason because I didn't want to sit down on the floor. The carpets were dirty. They had a dog that had constant diarrhea. There would be animal feces on the floor," she said.

Tuesday, Colleen and Stanley Rimer were seen leaving the courthouse holding hands. The house arrest rules prohibits Colleen Rimer from having contact with her husband. The sergeant for the house arrest program will not discuss specific cases. According to the judge, he has not made any exceptions to the house arrest rules other than allowing the couple to have one dinner and one lunch together.

A child neurologist took the stand for the defense. He testified that each time he saw Jason Rimer, he was always clean. The doctor said he never had any concern he wasn't properly being taken care of.