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Man Killed by Police Linked to Second Rape | Crime

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Man Killed by Police Linked to Second Rape

LAS VEGAS -- New evidence has connected a rapist to two brutal sexual assault cases. DNA test results show the man shot and killed by police April 4 is the same rapist who struck in northwest Las Vegas last month.

The Val D'Isere Townhouse complex is gated, but in the early hours of March 30, violence shattered the quiet, peaceful community.

Val D'Isere resident Glenroy Jones was alarmed to learn a fellow resident was raped by an attacker who had been hiding in her home.

"This is such a quiet neighborhood," Jones said. "I'd be very glad if they would start a neighborhood watch in here."

Police say the man bound the woman but untied her after he sexually assaulted her. She fought back and injured him before he ran off.

Five days later, a man broke into another woman's home across town, raping her and creating a tense 12-hour standoff with police. Police eventually shot and killed the man, 48-year-old Michael Chevalier.

Police say Chevalier committed both crimes. Police say his injury during the first crime helped connect him to the second attack.

"He was injured when the victim fought back, and we have DNA evidence, blood evidence," Duvall said. "There are actually some striking similarities between the two crimes."

Chevalier committed the first rape in a modern neighborhood near Durango Drive and Washington Avenue. The second crime happened more than 10 miles away near Charleston Boulevard and Mojave Road. He may be dead now, but police are still investigating his last whereabouts.

"We haven't discounted the likelihood that he was staying in his car, although we're not 100 percent on that," Lt. Duvall said.

Word quickly spread at Val D'Isere that the rapist who struck the community has been dead for a week.

"I'm relieved really, because it's just crazy knowing that that could have happened to someone in my neighborhood," resident Mariah Kelly said.

Police say their evidence is strong, and these sexual assault cases are officially closed. They say they are not investigating any sexual assault cases that bear similar characteristics. They have, however, released surveillance images in case other victims do exist.

"If there are other victims, I can tell you - based on the reports we are reading - we have not seen it of this magnitude or this brutality. So if they do exist, if anyone knows anything more about this individual or about the crimes he's committed, or whether or not they're victims of similar crimes, we need them to contact Metro," said Lt. Duvall.

Chevalier, meanwhile, had a criminal record. He was convicted of manslaughter in Michigan in 1983.