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Child Murder Case Goes to the Jury | Crime

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Child Murder Case Goes to the Jury

LAS VEGAS -- Closing arguments have finished in the murder trial of Stanley and Colleen Rimer. The pair are accused of killing their four-year-old son, Jason.

The Rimer's face a second degree murder charge and several child abuse and neglect charges. They have heard a lot of graphic details in the last two weeks. Thursday, the state made sure the jurors remembered how helpless Jason was when he was left in the family SUV for 17 hours.

"He didn't struggle to get out because he couldn't. He was incapable. There were no signs on the windows or door handles that Jason Rimer could even save himself. Indeed, he was entombed," said Prosecutor David Stanton.

The state once again showed the jury a picture of Jason's body after he was taken out of the family's SUV. They say he died of heat stress, saying he basically "baked to death."

The state also reminded the jury of several different accounts of lice found on the Rimer children and also about the filthy condition of the home.

As for the defense, Stanley's Rimer's attorney placed blame with Colleen Rimer. He said his client was upstairs sick and was never told his youngest son was missing.

"There was one parent who left Jason in the car. There was only one parent who was aware that he was missing. There was only one parent to the death of Jason that failed to act reasonably. I'm not suggesting that Colleen acted intentionally or any type of malice," said attorney Tim O'Brien.

The defense also argued that there is no physical evidence that Stanley Rimer abused his children. They told the jury there are no photos, no bruises and CPS investigators never kept cases open.

While the state says Stanley Rimer used corporal punishment on his kids, the defense called it paddling.

Instead of second degree murder, the jury can also decide to instead convict the Rimer's of involuntary manslaughter. The jury will return Friday to continue deliberations.