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Preparing plants, gardens and pipes for cold weather |

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Preparing plants, gardens and pipes for cold weather

At 32 degrees, the temps around the valley are predicted to dip to near freezing Wednesday night.

Many neighborhoods in the edges of the valley will drop to the mid to high 20's by the early morning, so it's important to keep yourself and pets warm.

But your plants and pipes also need some special attention.

"I"m buying burlap to cover citrus trees," said Tim Hasselbalch, taking steps to protect plants.

Hasselbalch is not the only homeowner rushing to nursery stores to stock up on burlap.

"With the cold weather -- some plants are very frost tender, and they have to be wrapped in burlap," said Josiah Eizman, Assistant Manager, Star Nursery.

Many popular plants around the valley can resist the cold weather better than others. Pigmy Palm trees and cactus don't do well, but Oleanders and Glossy Privet trees tend to do better.

Horticulture experts say plants recently put in the ground have to be wrapped regardless of how well they can handle cold weather. It's also recommended to cover them at night and allowed them to absorb the sunlight during the day.

However, wrapping plants with plastic may cause more harm than help.

Another item residents should keep a close eye on in cold temps -- exposed pipes.

"Valves breaking or leaking are typically most of the calls we get when it gets cold," said Dennis Tribbiani, Roto-Rooter Plumbing.

Repairing frozen pipes can be costly but preventable.

"A simple insulating sleeve like this just slides right over the pipes, and it protects everything," said Tribbiani.

These specialty covers can be purchased for around $30. A towel or t-shirt may also do the trick, but it may be risky.

"Sometimes it will trap moisture, and if you secure it too tightly, you won't notice a problem until it's too late," Tribbiani said.

If the pipes in your home freeze, make sure to turn off the main water line and call a plumber. Homeowners with pools are encouraged to keep the filtration and jets running overnight.