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I-Team: Sixth-grader claims to be bullied by teacher |

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I-Team: Sixth-grader claims to be bullied by teacher

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)-- A mother claims that a teacher bullied her 11-year-old son and shared their story with the I-Team.

"Having other children bully is one thing but having an adult, an authority figure, somebody who is supposed to be a protector doing that and ruining it for them is not fair," Shannon Oldag said.

Oldag's son Jaxson says first, he felt like his teacher was singling him out, and then he claims he insulted him more than once in front of classmates. The mother and son tell the I-Team this began at the start of the school year, but September marked the final straw.

"We did go straight to the principal," Oldag added.  "The principal was amazing."

Oldag provided the I-Team with a document where disciplinary action or other measures to be imposed were recommended. According to the document, bullying was first reported on September 15th, and students, parents, and witness interviews concluded on the 17th. The document also states that “witnesses give evidence of bullying by the teacher.”

"It makes me hope that maybe he will find a better path and that he will stop doing that to the other kids," Jaxson said.

Since the teacher's name is not on the document, the I-Team is not identifying him right now.

A Clark County School District spokesman would not confirm whether the teacher was investigated or disciplined - but the spokesman did confirm the teacher is still employed at the school.

Jaxson is no longer assigned to his class, but Oldag says she wants more action to be taken.

According to the CCSD policy, any district employee who violates the bullying policy shall be subject to discipline. It is not specified though as to what the discipline is.