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Fans excited to see Vegas Golden Knights back on the ice |

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Fans excited to see Vegas Golden Knights back on the ice

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A huge day for Golden Knights fans as they are allowed back into City National Arena to watch the team's training camp.

"This is a very intimate opportunity that the Knights do offer to the community to bring us closer and let us know the players, and watch their practice and everything. It's a fun opportunity," Lisa Noeth, VGK fan said.

The parking lot is once again filled with fans excited to see the Golden Knights back on the ice ahead of the San Jose Sharks game on Sunday.

"This is literally the best experience you're gonna have in Las Vegas regarding hockey," Christopher Green, VGK fan.

Fan were greeted by Chance, the friendly Gila monster lizard mascot, and VGK members helping to build the energy as players show off their skills.

Even though some fan favorites are gone, folks are expecting great things from our hometown team.

"Let us be number one in the west. Let us kick butt in the finals, hopefully, next year," Noeth added.

"It's sad to see some of our favorites leave. Many of us are heartbroken, but we can rebuild a better team and hopefully get that cup this year," Christopher Green, VGK fan said.

Fans can attend practice on Friday and Saturday at City National Arena before Sunday's game. A mask or face coverings is required.