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MIT researchers create reusable face mask |

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MIT researchers create reusable face mask

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — Researchers have come up with a way for healthcare workers to reuse a mask with a level of protection comparable to N-95 respirator face coverings.

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the “iMASC.” It is silicone and can be reused without fear of contamination.

An N-95 mask is considered the most effective face covering because it can catch up to 95% of particles. But, they are not made to be sterilized and reused.

However, a major shortage forced healthcare workers to reuse them.

MIT researchers say the iMASC silicone rubber can be sterilized after each use and the dual filters that cover the mouth can be replaced as well.

Researchers are still analyzing the mask, but they say it’s a promising step toward addressing the need for health care supply shortages.