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Students, parents teachers voice concerns over CCSD reopening plan |

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Students, parents teachers voice concerns over CCSD reopening plan

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District’s reopening plan proposal is receiving a lot of strong reactions. 8 News Now spoke with parents, teachers and students who wonder how effective this may be.

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts student Sierra Duran wants to go back to school.

“I think we just need to start normally,” said Duran, “because I mean, COVID isn’t going to disappear.”

The rising sophomore sings in the choir but questions her education this upcoming school year.

“I think it’s crazy how they think we can learn a full year in one semester, especially taking some of those lessons online,” said Duran.

The task at hand is falling on educators.

“I’m not trained to do online distance learning. I’m an in-person teacher,” explained Kimberly Mills. She teaches first grade at Grant Bowler Elementary School in Logandale, a town about an hour north of Las Vegas.

“We’re in the rural areas, so our needs are very different from, from in town,” said Mills.

She worries about how to implement the reopening proposal if passed by trustees.

“I work outside of my contracted time every single day with lesson plans and grading and whatever organized in my classroom,” said Mills. “And now, they want me to add onto that and make me do online learning plans, and you know, lesson plans and presentations.”

But most concerning is that there is no outline for students with special needs in the proposal.

“My oldest has a neurocognitive delay …. What are they going to, to do? Because, you know, my son struggles, he cannot keep up,” said parent Danielle Pierce.

Some suggest CCSD allow staff and families to choose the best full-time option for them, even it means gambling with health.

“You have to realize that I am an immunocompromised parent,” explained Pierce. “So, that feels like a giant Catch-22 for us.”

When asked what she would rather have, Pierce told us she would “probably take the risk.”

Mills stated, “I would love to take the risk because it’s my choice.”