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“Color of Blindness” auction paints a picture of life without sight |

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“Color of Blindness” auction paints a picture of life without sight

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A southwest valley event allowed Las Vegas to see colors through the eyes of the blind Thursday, as a special auction showcased the artistic skills of our community’s visually impaired. 

“It’s just an explosion of colors,” Skye Dunfield said, speaking about her painting. “I was just having fun and going with it.”

Dunfield described the story she told with every sense but sight, calling it an artistic expression unlike any other. 

“Since I can’t see color,” Dunfield explained. “I wanted to make my painting as colorful as possible.”

Her painting was just one of many up for auction at “The Color of Blindness” event held at The Regional Transportation Mobility Center near Sunset Road and Decatur Boulevard. 

It featured works of art up for auction; all crafted by people who are visually impaired. 

“I see it as a different ability rather than a disability,” Blind Connect President Raquel O’Neill said of blindness. 

All the money raised from Thursday’s event goes to “Angela’s House. The resource center helps newly blind adults adjust and transition toward independence with special skills. 

“It really gets them to understand what we live through and what our lives are like,” Dunfield said of a special “paint with blindfolds” activity offered Thursday.

The “Color of Blindness” gathering also gave anyone the chance to step into the story of those who can’t see; while also experiencing all the extraordinary ways they inspire us all.

“Just because you can’t see anymore,” O’Neill added. “Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.”

If you’d like to learn more about Blind Connect or act as a donor or sponsor for Angela’s House, click HERE.