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How to keep your security cameras safe from thieves |

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How to keep your security cameras safe from thieves

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Locals are looking at ways to secure their own security cameras. This comes after four people were arrested, accused of stealing multiple cameras from homes, including doorbell cameras.

You’d think the cameras would be enough to keep your home safe, right? Now, you have think about security for your security.

Police recently arrested
four people for stealing security cameras from homes and re-selling them.

That’s why homeowner Ronny Adler
is strategic about where he installs his cameras.

“That’s an
example of a corner we have it,” Adler said as he showed us his camera. “By the
time they see the cam it’s too late. The cam already got them.”

He would know. Adler isn’t
just a concerned homeowner. He runs security camera installation company “In
the Sky.”

“We like to put it in in
corners of the house. So they are not as noticeable,” Adler said. “Sometimes
people ask me to put the camera in the front door, but I actually find that putting
them in different spots are better because nobody expects them.” 

Adler says it’s a fine line:
installing the cameras high up or hidden so they’re out of reach but also low
enough so the cameras see what they need to see. That way, even if the thieves
still manage to steal the cameras, they still get caught on video.

Something else to consider,
security cameras can act as deterrents for some criminals so it can work
against you to hide them.

There are some cameras that aren’t as easy to steal. Check the “In the Sky” website for more information.