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‘Spam-a-Rama’ festival |

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‘Spam-a-Rama’ festival

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS) — “Spam-a-Rama” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a festival that’s all about Spam.

 It became a fixture in Austin, Texas after the inaugural event in 1978. Two friends started it as a joke, saying there were too many chili cook-offs.

 The festival took a break in and this year’s Spam-a-Rama is the first in 12 years.

“You fry it up with eggs or fried potatoes or put it in a sandwich. The best part about Spam is eating it in front of people that don’t like it,” said Tom McCormick.

The festival is not only about preparing Spam in different ways, the event also includes sports, appropriately called “Spam-Olympics.