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Questions on Race over the Census | News

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Questions on Race over the Census

LAS VEGAS -- Most residents have received the 2010 census forms in the mail. There are 10 questions that should take about 10 minutes to fill out. But it's one question that's leaving some questioning how to answer it.

Question 9 is about race. It asks which race the primary owner or renter of the residence is. The challenge, those in the Hispanic community say, is there is no box for them to check because they can't identify with any of the races on the form.

"As I have traveled the state, I have seen and heard my fair share of questions about question number 9 and about our race and ethnicity questions," said David Byerman with the census. "We encourage people if they look at that questionnaire and they feel like their race is not listed on that questionnaire, that's what that empty box is for."

Hispanic advocate Miguel Barrientos says he has the answer for this mix up.

"I would put Mestizo, because they should have put it on there. We are not White. We are not Black. We are a mix of White and Indian, which is Mestizo," he said.

The census says it did meet with a number of Hispanic consulting groups when these questions were compiled and they have no problem with people filling out the other box with Mestizo or any other race.

If the response is large enough, it may be added in the next census 10 years from now.