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Police Officer Shoots Teen in Northeast Las Vegas | News

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Police Officer Shoots Teen in Northeast Las Vegas

The student killed by a Metro Police officer has been identified as 16-year-old Tanner Chamberlain. The victim went to Chaparral High School.

The Las Vegas teen was shot just after 5 p.m. at the Sunridge Apartments near Nellis and Vegas Valley.

Police arrived at the scene when he allegedly threatened a woman, holding a knife to her throat. Witnesses say the woman was the teen's mother.

Several neighbors say the family had only been living at the apartment complex for a few weeks and family friends say the teenager does suffer from a medical condition. Some believe that may be the reason for his actions just before he was shot and killed.

Friends of the family reacted in disbelief to the shooting. "I'm having a problem wrapping my whole head around this whole thing," said family friend Rhonda Orton.

Neighbors living at the apartments say they heard the commotion just before the shooting. They say it happened only feet away from the apartment's playground. "It was horrible just to see a body and then all the kids right there," said neighbor Lori Heggblad.

Family friends also say the teen was bi-polar. Those same friends tried explaining to police his condition before the officers shot. "They were the ones that called 911. They said, ‘Don't shoot. He does this a lot with his disorder,'" said neighbor Ron Jennings.

Residents say they witnessed a heartbroken mother over the loss. "I just heard the mother crying saying she doesn't want to live any more -- that they took her baby. It's just sad that you see stuff like this," said Jennings.

As the investigation continues, many are already questioning if deadly force was necessary. "I can't understand why the cops would shoot a kid like that to kill him," said Orton.

Police are not confirming what led to the shooting and are interviewing the woman. Per Metro police, the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a coroner's inquest.