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CCSD School Board Rejects Converting all Year-Round Schools | News

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CCSD School Board Rejects Converting all Year-Round Schools

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County School Board has rejected a money saving proposal to switch all of its year-round elementary schools to a nine-month calendar. Instead, they will only convert 21 of the 76 year-round schools to the nine-month schedule. 

Even though converting all of the schools would have saved millions and it was a well-supported idea among respondent who took a district survey, many school employees objected.  

The district's Chief Financial Officer Jeff Weiler said converting all of the year-round schools would save the district $18 million and mean fewer layoffs as the district attempts to meet a $125 million budget shortfall.

The board ended up agreeing with unions representing bus drivers and food service workers.

"That means 76 year-round schools would go nine month, thereby cutting bus drivers, bus aides and other kinds of personnel that we have. Clerical staff, all sorts of folks would be gone," said Belinda Yealy, ESEA president.

"Now only 21 of the 76 elementary schools that are still on year-round would convert to nine months," said Weiler.

"As a parent, I'm concerned that some of the schools that they claim can take the capacity of all these children in nine month schools as opposed to 12 month schools, I'm not sure that's necessarily completely clear," said Charlene Gumber, parent.

Gumber says she has bad memories of what her son had to go through in elementary school. "Having been there last year, I just can't see how they're going to cram all those children in the facilities. They're already crammed into portables."

Four unions representing school police, administrative professionals, support staff and teachers must agree on furloughs and pay cuts by April 7th or face layoffs from a school board that may have no other choice.