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Border Patrol Raids Las Vegas Bus Station, Arrests Illegal Immigrants | Crime

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Border Patrol Raids Las Vegas Bus Station, Arrests Illegal Immigrants

LAS VEGAS -- A number of alleged illegal immigrants were arrested in Las Vegas by border security officials.

A bus filled with nearly 60 people was parked in front of the American Lion and Tufesa bus station. It was headed through Arizona and Mexico. At 8:30 a.m., several unmarked vans and vehicles pulled up and officers in plain clothes boarded the bus.

Rogelio Gaytan, the bus station owner, saw the raid. "They started asking for documents from the people and the people who couldn't prove they had legal papers to be in the U.S. were taken away," he said.

Gaytan approached the officers and asked for their identification and they refused to comply. Sixteen people were escorted into vans and taken away.

Michael Flores, with Progressive Now, heard of the raid and arrived on scene. It was then that the officers identified themselves as agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency out of Yuma, Arizona.

They told Flores they were there to catch smugglers and check for drug activity. Flores said they did not confirm whether drugs were found, but that they did take those 16 people away.

"This is Nevada. This is not Arizona. They have no right to be here and enforcing their laws here," he said.

In a statement, Customs and Border Protection said, "CBP Border Patrol Agents conducted an intelligence-based operation in Las Vegas this morning aimed at disrupting human smuggling activities at transportation sites that are used as a means to further illegal trafficking into the interior of the United States. The goal of this operation was to deny smuggling organizations the use of public transportation hubs to further the movement of illegal aliens, narcotics and other contraband before they reach their final destinations in the U.S."