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Family Mourns Loss of Son in Fireworks Accident

LAS VEGAS -- Shock and sadness are consuming a northeast Las Vegas community after a fireworks accident claimed the life of 22-year-old Kacey Barlow and sent a 13-year-old to the hospital.

Barlow was killed from the impact of an explosion and 13-year old Jacob Kittinger was also injured but is expected to be alright. Metro police say the accident involved illegal fireworks and some other device that was detonated.

What was supposed to be a fun Fourth of July party, turned tragic Sunday when a family lost their only child. A shattered car window and fireworks on the ground are grave reminders of a horrific event. 

"It's been awful, I can't describe it. He was like my little brother even though he was my cousin, but we were so close," said Nikki Fisher, Barlow's cousin.

Nellis Airman dies from injuries sustained in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Nellis Public Affairs Contributed to This Report

Nellis Air Force Base -- Captain David Wisniewski died Friday, July 2, at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

Capt. Wineskin, 31, sustained injuries in a helicopter crash June 9 in Afghanistan.

Residents Wait for News in Moapa Fire

LAS VEGAS -- Southern Nevada firefighters may finally have two wildfires under control. One fire is out and the other is partially contained, but they both have hot spots that crews are working to keep under control.

Those hotspots at the Moapa fire have been tough to tackle all day. As soon as they're able to get control of one, another pops right back up. Air tankers have been dropping water on the area all day long to cool off the hotspots.

SLIDESHOW: Two Fires Burn in Southern Nevada

While there is no official word from the Bureau of Land Management, the fire appears to be contained. Firefighters have been looking for any signs of smoke to stamp out those hotspots.

Homes Destroyed in Moapa Wildfire

MOAPA, Nev. -- An out of control wildfire in Moapa has burned more than 15 buildings, 10 of them primary residences. The blaze scorched 680 acres.

More than 100 firefighters with aerial tankers and a helicopter fought the blaze. Officials said fire activity decreased after nightfall, but they expected a resurgence Friday.

The fire is burning east of I-15 along State Highway 168, which was closed to traffic Thursday. Scott Allison with the Clark County Fire Department says high temperatures, low humidity and wind are creating a "perfect storm" to fuel this fire.

SLIDESHOW: Two Fires Burn in Southern Nevada

Wheelchair-Bound Athlete Performs Wild Stunts

LAS VEGAS -- There's a ramp, which leads to the skate park. But why would Aaron Fotheringham take the easy way? His whole life has been based on shock value.

"Sometimes, I'll roll up and act like I don't know where I'm going, and just drop in and it totally freaks people out. It's a good time," he said.

Born with spina bifida, and confined to a wheelchair since the age of 8, Aaron has taken a hardship and turned it into his good fortune -- performing tricks at skate parks.

"It's given me great opportunities to do stuff. I've gotten to travel a lot of the world," he said.

And the world usually watches in awe. Aaron has made himself into a cottage industry. Sponsors cover his costs when competing here and abroad, and there's usually a little left over. But sometimes those pay checks come at a price.

Police Investigate Fatal Accident in Northeast Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Police are investigating a fatal accident near Hollywood and Lake Mead. The accident happened around 6pm on Monday.

Police say a car was traveling in the area when it veered off the road and into a water main. The driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

The passenger was transported to University Medical Center and died a short time later. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Sink Hole Causing Traffic Problems

LAS VEGAS -- An intersection closed over the weekend because of a sink hole is slowly being re-opened to traffic.

It was Friday afternoon when the sink hole opened up, causing a pretty serious accident. A woman was driving when the road in front of her opened up. She suffered minor injuries, but the sink hole was a much bigger problem for drivers.

Desert Inn and Nellis was shutdown all weekend as crews rushed to make repairs.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District says they knew there was a small leak and pumped out the water hoping to fix it later because there was no indication the area under to road was eroded away until the car crashed through.