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Casino tower eyed for temporary UNR dorm housing after gas blast

RENO, Nev. (AP) — University of Nevada, Reno officials are negotiating to house 1,300 students in a tower that is part of a casino resort while two dormitories are closed to repair damage from a July 5 natural gas explosion.

Officials said the talks with Eldorado Resorts call for the student housing department to use all of a newly renovated tower that is separate from the Circus Circus Reno casino.

A statement released Friday said security features would include placing a university police substation in the tower and having officers patrol the building.

Both dormitories will remain closed for at least a year and the most severely damaged one isn’t expected to reopen until at least the fall of 2021.

The blast blew out windows and walls but caused only minor injuries to eight people... Read More

WEB EXTRA: Local company creates commemorative pens to honor 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A company in Boulder City will honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing this weekend by creating four commemorative pens. The writing instruments range in price but feature the patented pressurized ink cartridge, which is what is in the ink pens the astronauts carry with them to space.

A company in Boulder City that manufactures the pens astronauts use in space, is honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

Posted by 8 News Now on Friday, July 19, 2019

One of the pens features 24 karat gold, a piece of space-flown material from the Apollo 11 mission as well as a coin set. The company’s original Astronaut Space Pen has been on every crewed space mission since Apollo 7. ... Read More

Valley couple pushes for an end to dog and cat meat trade overseas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After 8 News NOW received such a positive response from Thursday’s story about four dogs rescued from the South Korean meat trade, Reporter Sasha Loftis decided to check in on two pups who previously scored a second chance with an American family.

Starz and Bonnie lived months of their lives beaten and neglected in cages; they were on their way to die. Now, their valley family wants to help all dogs like them find the same fate.

“She’s fitting in really, really well,” Angela Berkowitz said of Bonnie, who they adopted just over a month ago.

“I think in the beginning she was very shy and timid,” Art Berkowitz added about their dog, Starz. “Even though you see a little bit of it now.”... Read More

Center stage, welterweight weigh-in showdown

LAS VEGAS (KLAS-TV) – The weigh-in is one of our most explicit but inexplicable sports traditions, a parade of boxers in nothing but briefs.

The public is sometimes adamant that fighters pick on someone their own size, so we insist they publicly do something we are afraid to do privately. The two competitors’ step on the scale and tell the truth in convincing fashion.

8 News Now Sports Anchor Jon Tritsch has the story. ... Read More

Family remembers mother killed, found dead in desert

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Described by family as a woman who “loved to be a mom,” 29-year-old Natalie Carbajal was found shot dead and burned in the desert near 7 Magic Mountains on July 4. On Friday, Carbajal’s family visited and placed candles and a religious cross at the site where her charred remains were discovered.

“We don’t want this type of person out there doing this again,” said Diana Yera, the victim’s aunt.

Yera’s family believes Carbajal’s death was domestic violence-related, but they declined to comment any further because the investigation was still an open case.

After the family learned of Carbajal’s death, the 29-year-old’s mother died of stage 4 cancer a day later. The family’s trying to cope with two tragedies... Read More

Local non-profit Street Dogz provides free booties for homeless dogs’ paws

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s estimated there are more than 5,000 homeless living on the streets of the Las Vegas valley.  Many of them are living with pets as they try to brave the summer heat, which is especially tough on their dogs. 

The hot conditions can be
downright dangerous and that’s where the non-profit group Street Dogz steps
in. It supplies dogs with booties. Dozens of pairs of little paw
protectors are giving out every week to keep them from blistering on

Linda Wilson of Street Dogz
puts it this way, “when I see people with a dog with no booties on, I tell
them take your shoes off and walk on that street for like 3 minutes and tell me
how you feel.”

Street Dogz volunteers fan
out across Las Vegas delivering food and supplies to nearly a thousand homeless
families every month.  8 News NOW Anchor Denise Valdez has more... Read More

White House recognizes ‘Fisher Space Pen’ for making ink pen used in space; company commemorates moon landing

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Boulder City business has a product that’s out of this world. Fisher Space Pen is best known for making the pens astronauts use in space. This week the White House recognized the company in its 3rd Annual Made in America Product Showcase.

At the Fisher Space Pen warehouse in Boulder City space memorabilia and art decorate the walls.

“These are authentic patches from the Apollo missions,” Matt Fisher, the VP of sales and marketing for Fisher Space Pen said.

Commemorative items surround employees who piece together a unique type of pen made specifically for astronauts.

“Cartridge and also the ink allows it to perform in the most extreme environments,” Fisher said.

Extreme environments such as space.

Fisher’s pen has been on every crewed mission since Apollo 7, which went up into space more than 50 years ago... Read More