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WATCH NOW: President Trump prepares to depart for an appearance in Arizona, expect delays near airport

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Air Force One sits at McCarran International Airport as President Trump prepares to depart. Road closures and heavy traffic can be expected between The Strip and McCarran Airport.

Presidential motorcade delays have opened a few roads that were closed earlier, but they are expected to close again soon. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area... Read More

You can’t debate about the nice weather

Good sunshine for our Wednesday with light winds; just easy weather as we ease through the rest of the workweek. Sherry’s Most Accurate #WeatherNOW forecast has some wet changes though to kick off your weekend. Get the details so you’re not caught out in the rain... Read More

What’s Driving You Crazy? – Resort Corridor drivers catch a weekend break

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Another weekend break from the Resort Corridor Project.

know: the one that has some drivers snarling on The Strip as they
navigate diversions and one-lane-only in each direction between
Sahara and Spring Mountain.

again – in recognition of another round of tens of thousands of extra
visitors, anyone driving through the strip repaving area is
guaranteed at least **two** lanes of travel in each direction this
Saturday and Sunday.

whether it’s NASCAR, Fight Night – or even the extra people in town
for the first in the west Nevada caucus, there may still be delays on
Las Vegas Blvd on the north end of the strip – just not as bad as
they’ll be back to next week... Read More

Nevada Democrats unveil more details about caucus tool during private briefing

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With just four days until the Nevada caucus, we’re getting our first look at how all the votes will be counted. The Nevada State Democratic Party unveiled more details about their caucus tool at a private briefing.

The party hosted a mock caucus to show how they’ll use it. And as we’ve reported, the caucus calculator will be on an iPad.

We’ve learned it’s basically a series of Google forms and links to read-only previews of Google sheets that are meant to help caucus chairs figure out viability and realignment at each precinct.

8 News Now obtained training slides that show what it will all look like in practice.

At each step in the process, precinct chairs will enter information into a Google form on the iPad tool. ... Read More

Southeast Career Technical Academy invests $137K to enhance students’ technical skill in the automotive industry

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Shop class is no longer just about nuts and bolts. It’s about understanding computer technology, that’s why a school within the Clark County School District plans to spend thousands of dollars investing in automotive careers. The money will be spent on equipment to enhance student’s abilities to work on cars.

“We did the water pump, right now we’re just getting the timing belt back on.”, said Erik Halverson and his classmate as they made repairs on the assistant principal’s car.

It’s all a part of their education in the auto mechanic program at Southeast Career Technical Academy.

But the program isn’t your grandfather’s shop class.

“Everything used to be turning a wrench, now it’s a lot more [of the] computer side,” Halverson said... Read More

Henderson city leaders bombarded with calls as AHL arena site location sparks controversy

HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Henderson city leaders have been bombarded with calls opposing the new AHL arena location.

On Thursday,
city officials announced that the new team would play at the Henderson Pavilion
near Green Valley Ranch.

“There was a video that was produced that showed the helmet crushing the pavilion,” said Senator Keith Pickard. “This was literally going in their backyard, and they knew nothing about it, and yet it appears to be pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point.” 

problem? The people who live in the area weren’t given any notice.

concern is traffic. The traffic is terrible on Green Valley Parkway. It’s
terrible,” said Betty Stone. 

spoke out about the new arena at Tuesday night’s city council meeting... Read More

WEB EXTRA: CCSD auto mechanic classes

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A CCSD shop class is getting new tools to keep up with changing technologies in cars and train students better.

After the students learn to fix various parts, from brakes to transmission, on trainer boards, they’ll practice on real cars.

8 News Now’s Cristen Drummond has the story. ... Read More