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Nellis Prepares for Red Flag Combat Exercises

Military jets will be taking off from Nellis Air Force Base for the next three weeks during a special Red Flag air combat exercise at the 15,000-square-mile Nellis range.

Base officials say as many as 80 aircraft will depart the base twice a day in the early afternoon and evening hours.

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Teen Dies After Shooting at Party

A valley family is trying to find some answers after their 16-year-old son was shot to death at a party.

When Karen Brill got a phone call early Saturday morning she had hoped for the best. She thought maybe her son was shot in the arm or leg but it turned out to be much worse. Her son, Aric was shot in the back of the head. She said that he had lost so much blood that by the time he got to the hospital he was unresponsive.

On Sunday, Aric's father told Eyewitness News that Aric died from severed artery to the brain and too much blood loss. The teen just turned 16 years old last month. His mother had this message for other parents

"Don't let them go if it's not a family party or go with them," Karen Brill said. She says Aric was a straight A student and a good kid. He was a student at Global Community High School.

The Brills are originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Suspected Burglar Shot by Homeowner

Las Vegas police say a homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar after coming home and finding the person in his home.

Homicide Lt. Lew Roberts says the homeowner likely would not be charged for the Sunday incident west of Nellis Air Force Base, but said the investigation was still in its early stages.

Roberts says he does not know whether the burglary suspect, identified only as a man in his 30s, was armed. Robert's says the homeowner's gun is registered.

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National Organization Reaches Out to Hispanic Businesses

Local Hispanic businesses are getting some national attention from the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce which is in Las Vegas to hear the concerns of business owners.

Each new week brings more businesses that can't stay afloat and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber wants to stop this trend, before it gets worse.

Like many other businesses, Daniel Arroyo's handyman business has had to downsize drastically to stay open. 

"I have a lot of friends who are handymen, or with cleaning services, offices and carpets, before they were having three or four guys to do the work, now it's only one, like me, by myself," said Daniel Arroyo, Arroyo's Handyman.

He started his handyman business eight years ago. At one point, he had four fully-staffed trucks. Now, he has one truck and it also serves as his office.

"Before I got about 10 to 20 calls, now it's only one.

New Schools Added to Empowerment Program

Despite budget problems and deep cuts in education, the Clark County School District announced three more schools will join the empowerment program. They are Chaparral High School, Wendell Williams Elementary, and Ethel Staton Elementary.

Schools must apply to be accepted to the program. It means more money and responsibility on the community level.

Music helps empower students to learn, according to educators. Now Eduardo Rabelero's school will be empowered. Chaparral will join the empowerment school program in August. That means Principal Kevin McPartlin will have more control over how money is spent at his school and what is taught. He has a few changes he wants to make, "That is really our main focus -- get students involved and limit class sizes."

First McPartlin will expand the number of students in extra curricular activities like mariachi.

Happy Homecoming for 230 Soldiers Back from Iraq

Family and friends cheered to welcome home about 230 members of the Rolling Thunder which deployed to Iraq and Kuwait more than a year ago.

The Army Reservists arrived at Nellis Air Force Base Monday night. Many fought back tears when they finally saw their families. Children had grown and babies were born during their deployment. Most of all families were grateful for unit's safe return.

SLIDESHOW: Troops Return to Las Vegas

"It feels good that he is okay. He has all his fingers and toes and feels really good," said Patricia Juarez, whose brother was deployed.

Families say the time apart was hard on everyone especially the solider's.

"It was really lonely which is sad but you get used to it. I was always on a mission so it made the time go by fast," said Sgt.

Pilot in New York Crash Flew at Nellis

The US Airways pilot involved in a crash into the Hudson River in New York trained pilots at Nellis Air Force Base. According to his resume, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger was a former Mission Commander in Red Flag Exercises at Nellis.

Sullenberger was an F-4 pilot back in the 70's and was a "Flight Leader and Training Officer with experience in Europe, Pacific and at Nellis AFB, serving as Blue Force Mission Commander in Red Flag Exercises."

The cool-headed pilot maneuvered his crippled jetliner over New York City and ditched it in the frigid Hudson River on Thursday, and all 155 on board were pulled to safety as the plane slowly sank. It was, the governor said, "a miracle on the Hudson."

The US Airways Airbus A320 bound for Charlotte, N.C., struck a flock of birds just after takeoff minutes earlier at LaGuardia Airport, apparently disabling the engines.

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