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Program gives extra training to teachers to improve under-performing schools

Local community groups are working together to help improve under-performing schools in the Clark County School District, and they're turning to teachers to get it done.

The program is called Lead Nevada Academy, and it will provide leadership skills for teachers who have demonstrated success in the classroom. The goal of the program is to take the success and expand its reach beyond classroom walls.

More than 18,000 teachers work for the Clark County School District.

"My senior year teachers, they actually helped me out a lot," said Justice Santiago, a student. "I'm about to graduate, so they're really trying to push us to graduate."

In Lead Nevada Academy six teachers will be selected to undergo what is described as nine-months of 'intensive training.'... Read More

New program to register home surveillance systems with Metro

For the first time, Metro is asking valley homeowners to notify them if they have a home surveillance system.

It will make it easier for them to look for video when a crime is committed.

Currently, when officers respond to a crime scene, they have to look around for any cameras that might have picked something up. It takes time to find the owners and look at the video.

If people with security cameras register with the department, police will have a list of addresses and contact numbers so they can quickly ask permission to see video that often helps solve crimes. The new program is called Vegas SafeCam and is already in use in Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Salt Lake City.

Registering your surveillance system with the department is completely voluntary. However, the more privately owned cameras they have on record, the more effective the program will be... Read More

Sneak peek of Aviation Nation: Katie takes a ride in a jet

Aviation Nation is back at Nellis Air Force Base, and it came back around just in time for the Veterans Day weekend.

The show, which is free to the public, starts Saturday and runs through Sunday. Aviation Nation is the largest free event in the state of Nevada.

The show usually has attendees made up of veterans, active military personnel, non-military personnel, and kids. The airshow features up-front static displays and their wildly popular aerial demonstrations.

The capstone of each day of air show features the highly-technical, aerial maneuvers of the Air Force's "Ambassadors in Blue," better known as the Thunderbirds.

8 News NOW Reporter Katie Boer met the pilots and got a pretty cool preview ahead of the big show.

... Read More

Happy Nevada Day! Celebrating the day Nevada was added to the Union

Happy Nevada Day! Nevada Day is a state holiday that is celebrated across the entire state of Nevada.

Nevada Day commemorated the admission of the state of Nevada into the union on Oct. 31, 1864. However, since the 2000s the holiday has always been celebrated on the last Friday of the month.

On Nevada Day holiday all state, county and city government offices are closed, along with most schools and libraries. Some private businesses, like banks, also close to commemorate the holiday.

Here are some facts about Nevada Day courtesy of Piktochart.com:... Read More

Nevada Supreme Court ruling brings ESA program to a standstill

The Nevada Supreme Court has put a halt to the controversial ESA program. However, both sides of the argument claimed victory Thursday.

The court found Nevada's Education Savings Account program doesn't violate the state constitution however the funding under the bill that created the program is in question.

Justices issued a 4-2 ruling on Thursday calling for a permanent injunction on the program, which was on hold on a temporary basis.

The ruling says the program authorized last spring by the Nevada Legislature did not have its own dedicated funding source and is unlawfully drawing on money allocated for public schools in the state's Distributive School Account. It would have allowed parents to use public school dollars to pay for private school tuition... Read More

Nellis Air Force Base's rich history

There are dozens of historical artifacts at the Clark County Museum dating back to the early days at Nellis.

They give you a better understanding about the heroic work being done at one of the military's historically significant bases.

Las Vegas Army Airfield was renamed Nellis Air Force Base in May of 1950 after Lt. William Nellis. He was a star athlete at Las Vegas High School, who died when his aircraft was shot down over Luxembourg, Germany.

Many decorated airmen have passed through, but one of the most legendary was Col. John Boyd, a skilled and daring pilot credited with changing "the art of war."

"He was the first guy to mathematically describe dog fighting. And once you can mathematically describe something, you can figure out how to make it better, and his input was crucial in the both the F-15 and F-16 design," said Nellis historian Jerry White... Read More

Nellis celebrates 75 years in Las Vegas valley

Nellis Air Force Base, the home of the Thunderbirds is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

In 1941 the outpost that would become Nellis was called Las Vegas Army airfield. It consisted of a runway and a cluster of small buildings. But within weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the base became a beehive of activity.

Forty thousand men were trained to operate the machine guns inside the bubble like turrets of the B-17.

Jerry White is the base historian.

"You've got the tail gunner, two waist gunners, you've got the ball turret runner here, a little guy, had to be to fit in there," White said.

The training of short, but courageous men who could fit inside the ball turrets was so important, Ronald Reagan and 5-foot-6-inch Burgess Meredith filmed a classic recruiting film on base.

"You know Pee Wee, you look like you'd fit inside of the fish bowl," Reagan said... Read More