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Thunderbirds add pilot to replace officer killed in crash

A veteran U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot is returning to the aerial demonstration team to replace a colleague who died during a training flight three weeks ago.

An Air Force statement said Thursday that while Maj. Nick Krajicek requalifies, the six-member team has canceled plans to appear at air shows this weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, and next weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Air Force Master Sgt. Christopher Boitz at Nellis Air Force Base confirmed that Krajicek is returning to the Thunderbird 4 slot position he held in 2016 and 2017.

The Air Force is investigating the April 4 crash of an F-16 Fighting Falcon that killed Maj. Stephen Del Bagno in the remote Nevada Test and Training Range north of Las Vegas... Read More

Thunderbirds to resume flight operations following pilot's death

The Thunderbirds are resuming their flight operations over the Nevada Test and Training Range today.

They haven't flown since the death of Major Stephen Del Bagno who was killed when his jet crashed during training on April 4.

"While our hearts are still heavy with the loss of our wingman Cajun, we know he'd want us back in the air and preparing to recruit, retain and inspire once more," said Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh, Thunderbirds commander.

Walsh said, the training will focus on maintaining the team's proficiency with the demanding maneuvers of their air demonstration and strengthen their confidence after a trying two weeks. He said, they are also supporting an investigation to ensure their operations are safe.

Although, they have resumed their training, future cancellations of shows are still possible, Walsh said... Read More

What's Driving You Crazy? - Wed. Mar. 28, 2018

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV - To say that traffic in one part of town is going down the drain may not be far from the truth. It's sewer work that's driving you crazy getting in and out of Nellis Air Force Base.

The main entrance to the base is blocked by a North Las Vegas sewer installation project that's shut down Las Vegas Blvd and Craig Rd. In fact Craig Rd is closed a few blocks west of the base. Air Force personnel had been warned about the work. If they're used to getting on property from Craig Road, they're being directed to go south on Nellis to Gowan to use a different entrance. Drivers using Las Vegas Blvd from south of the base also should use the Gowan entrance. Base traffic is being allowed to exit at the main entrance, but drivers can only go north on Las Vegas Blvd via a frontage road. Engineers from the City of North Las Vegas haven't gotten back to us, but the project will likely last through at least the end of the week. ... Read More

Vice President Pence to visit Las Vegas

Vice President Mike Pence will be joined by Nevada Senator Dean Heller Thursday at the grand opening of "AFwerX Vegas," a new high-tech defense facility for the air force.

After delivering remarks there around 2:45 p.m., Pence is scheduled to stop by Nellis Air Force Base to speak with airmen and their families.

The visit will be live streamed on www.LasVegasNOW.com... Read More

Nellis Thunderbirds commander relieved of duty

The commander of the Thunderbirds, Lt. Col. Jason Heard, has been relieved of duty, according to a news release from Nellis Air Force Base.

"This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one that is ultimately in the best interests of the Thunderbird team. I am personally grateful for Jason's dedication to the 2017 season," Brig. Gen. Jeannie Leavitt said.

The news release said, Leavitt lost confidence in Heard's leadership and risk management style and determined new leadership was needed to ensure the highest levels of pride, precision and professionalism within the team.

Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh has temporarily assumed responsibility of the team until a new commander is named... Read More

Nellis Air Force pilot killed in test and training range accident

A lieutenant at Nellis Air Force Base was killed during a training mission Tuesday night.

According to Nellis Air Force Base, Lt. Col. Eric Schultz was in an aircraft when it crashed while flying a training mission on the Nevada Test and Training Range approximately 100 miles northwest of Nellis AFB.

The aircraft was assigned to Air Force Materiel Command. Lt.Col Eric Schultz died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation. Nellis Air Force Base said additional information involving the accident would be released at a later date.

On Wednesday of that same week, two A-10C Thunderbolt II jets from Nellis Air Force Base crashed at the Nevada Test and Training Range Wednesday night. However, both pilots in that crash were able to safely eject themself from the plane... Read More

2 A-10C Thunderbolts crash at Nevada Test Site

Two A-10C Thunderbolt II jets from Nellis Air Force Base crashed on the Nevada Test Site Wednesday night. Both pilots were able to safely eject.

The aircraft, which are assigned to the 57th Wing, were on a routine training mission when the crash occurred around 8 p.m.

Both pilots were transported to the Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center at Nellis for evaluation.

The cause of the crash is unknown and an investigation is underway... Read More